We thought it would be a good idea here at St. George web design.com to go over different web development tips. There are so many tips and techniques nowadays it’s easy to get lost. We hope that this guide will be a really useful tool that you can rely on from time to time.

Why does web design cost so much? We want you to think about it in these terms. It’s a one-time charge of $2500 in order to develop a complete full functional website for your business. Your company website can be online 24 seven without ever needing a break. Imagine what the cost would be if you had to hire a full-time employee that was on duty 24 seven. A one time investment of $2500 will be one of the greatest return on investments that you have ever made.

Many customers and businesses already have a website, but they want to make it better. So why can’t you just build on the website that you already have? This is a good question and let us explain it to you in these terms. Word press is a very large and well-known web development system whereby websites can be built. If your website is currently not with word press then we recommend that you switch to Word press and then we can do a whole website design for your business.

Why should you consider switching to Word press? One of our favorite reasons is, absolutely free! There are virtually no ongoing or maintenance fees to get your website up online. This is one of the main reasons why over 25% of all websites are currently powered by WordPress. There are almost unlimited themes and plug-ins and free technical support compared to any other management system that’s out there. Once your WordPress website is developed it’s extremely easy to maintain and to keep running when you use St. George web design.com managed word press hosting services. We take care of all of the word press updates plug-in updates seem updates and more.

So once your website is completely developed how do you add images or content to the site? Once your site is fully developed St. George web design.com can go over the basics with you so that you can maintain your own website without having to have us update every little technical details for you on a weekly or even a daily basis.

You might be wondering how word press does with SEO? Word press is by far the best system to use for Internet marketing services. When you have a WordPress website you can really customize it easily with different plug-ins themes and more. Many of our websites are actually built with word press and we have many websites at the top of Google being in Yahoo. We recommend staying far away from the free website builders such as weebly,yola etc. these websites are not SEO friendly in any way shape or form. Word press is extremely easy to customize including the CSS and the HTML formatting. There are many different plug-ins you can install to increase your website speed, make your site more user-friendly and even mobile friendly.

You might be aware that Google really likes mobile friendly websites, now if you don’t have word press and you have a different content management system currently it can cost thousands of dollars to transfer your current site over to a mobile friendly website. Or on the other hand if you just use word press to begin with 90% or more of all WordPress themes come mobile friendly to begin with.

It’s obvious to see why word press is one of the best CSS management systems that you can possibly use. What St. George web design.com build your website and optimize it to the top of the search engines. We look forward to meeting with you soon.

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