There are many misconceptions regarding blogs and the importance of them. Let’s go over some of the reasons why it’s important to have a blog. Blogs are not just for the big-name type of businesses or for celebrities. In fact every business including all southern Utah businesses can benefit from having a blog for their company. Now a lot of people say why would someone be interested in my blog and what they have to say but you have to trust us it’s completely true.

Here are some reasons why your southern Utah business should create a blog today if you don’t already have one.

Believe it or not customers want to buy from a company that is extremely knowledgeable in that particular industry whether it be carpet cleaning, home improvements, selling cars or any sort of online company. Why do customers want to buy from a company that is knowledgeable in the industry? Let’s say you pulled up a few different websites regarding auto repair. All of the websites have professional certifications how many years they’ve been in business etc. etc. so who do you choose from? If you dig a little bit deeper on their website and you notice that the head mechanic has a blog where he offers auto repair tips and things you can do to improve your vehicle and make to make sure that it runs correctly for a long period of time do you think you’d go with them rather than the other auto repair company that has no blog? The point is when customers are trying to find a company or service to work with a quality regularly updated blog will not only provide your potential customer with valuable information that it will also help your website marketing. Content writing will always be an important step and important marketing technique for your business.

How can a blog help with the website marketing and website traffic? Well let’s take a closer look. Many of the search engines including the biggest one which is Google frequently look at how often your website is updated. If a website has been sitting around for five years and hasn’t had much updating then chances are your website is not going to rank that well. On the other hand if you have daily or weekly or even monthly updates on your website this is a great sign for Google and for the other search engines. Make sure that when you are writing your blog posts as it becomes indexed and that is clickable so that your users and the Google bots can easily crawl the blog.

Blogs can also generate business leads. How does that work? If you include a simple call to action in the middle of the post the top of the post were usually done at the bottom of the blog post this can be a great way to allow customers to try to get more information from your company. Let’s say for example you have something that says free consultation and you put it at the bottom of the blog post don’t you think that some of these readers will click on that for a free consultation? You bet they will. Right when they click on free consultation it will link straight to the contact us page where they will fill out your simple and easy to use contact form and the rest is history.

To sum all of the stuff we recommend that your local southern Utah business has a blog and that you are updating it frequently with fresh unique content. This will only help your business and as a matter fact if you spend 30 minutes a week that’s all it really takes.

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