Everyone knows in today’s world that smart phones and mobile devices are everywhere and everyone has them. While it might not be the best thing for electro sensitive people as it can cause than terrible headaches it is a fantastic option for all of the other users as it allows them to easily search on the Internet on the go. So if you have a small or medium work in a large-size business in St George, Utah and you are wanting to get your presence known you must include mobile friendly SEO optimization into your strategy.

Not everyone is using a desktop computer to do the Google searches anymore, in fact or searches are done with mobile devices than with the desktop and lack laptop computers now. The goal of the search engines is simply to provide the visitor with the best information that they are looking for.

Since the searches in the way people find information are different on mobile devices as they are on desktop devices there are actually two different search results for each of these devices. Let’s go over how the multiple mobile users will be different and have different expectations as those compared to a laptop or desktop user

So let’s think about some of the different ways that we use Google and how it relates to the different devices that we use. If you think about the way you would use the iPad first your desktop computer you might realize that a multiply mobile devices when you are out an active most likely when you are not in your home but when you are out of your office. And if you think about a desktop computer you will realize that the individuals that are using a desktop are ones that are in their home office sitting down probably doing more in depth research.

Google is came out with some different updates the past couple of years that have made mobile responsive websites of high importance. With so many viewers now using their mobile device it’s incredibly important to make sure that your website is mobile responsive. When readers and target audiences are going through websites they need to make sure that they are having a positive user experience.

There are many online mobile responsive checkers that we recommend that you use for your website. Go through these websites and make sure that your site looks well and performs well on all of the different screen sizes.

In addition, besides just making your website mobile responsive so that it can adapt to any mobile device and to any desktop screen it’s important they are website speed is incredibly fast. In fact, all of the websites that StGeorgeWebDesign.com develops are made to load in under three seconds loading time. Even if you do the perfect marketing and have a mobile responsive website, but then your website is incredibly slow no one is going to want to stay on your website and wait. Everyone seems to be in a rush and they want the information now and are not willing to wait.

This is one reason why we recommend WordPress because of the many different plug-ins that can be put into WordPress to make sure that your site speed is loading in under three seconds. We have developed many WordPress websites over the years and we know what it takes to make a mobile responsive and incredibly fast website.