Thank goodness small and medium-sized businesses in St George, Utah and in fact throughout the country can still do extremely well in the search engines. With Google’s local search you can rank your local business to the top of Google without having to compete against all the national chain companies. We really think this is a fantastic add-on that Google has implemented for a number of reasons.

Not every small business can compete head-to-head with the big brands on a huge national level like Amazon, Walmart, Overstock etc. but with the local search engine optimization you can now have top placements in the search engines like Google and Yahoo for your keywords without having to compete against the big name brand companies.

Let’s go over a few ways what the local search engine optimization is like and why it’s so important. For example let’s say go to and type in some of these keywords. St George Website Design, Web Designers in St George, Utah e.t.c. by doing searches like this local Southern Utah companies will be showing up on Google and not the large national chain companies. This is fantastic because it allows local companies to rank to the top in all of the major cities and smaller cities not only throughout the United States but throughout the entire world. This local information is incredibly important to Google search algorithm.

In addition to just offering local search engine optimization we also include mobile search engine optimization which is also important. There have been many statistics that show that in the past couple of years the mobile searches have grown over 400%. This goes hand-in-hand with the local search results for a number of reasons. Making sure your Google listing is well optimize goes hand-in-hand with your mobile responsive website. Having both of these optimized allows your website to perform well on all of the mobile devices and allows your site to rank to the top of the local search results.

Another huge addition which is just as important as the other two that we previously mentioned is the Google maps. The Google maps was also known as Google places what is now called Google plus. You can go to the Google my business section to login to these powerful tools that will help your local business. In order to fully optimize your website to the top of the local St George search results we recommend the following.

#1 – We recommend listing your business with Google my business.

#2 – We recommend making your website fully mobile responsive.

#3 – We recommend optimizing your Google plus maps listing.

If your business needs any help finding which keywords you should be targeting for your business we would love to help you. We absolutely dominate local search engine rankings and we have many websites that are ranked at the top of Google and other search engines. If you are not sure if your business should only be targeting the local or the national search results we can help you determine the best strategy.

To make it really simple though, if your shipping products throughout the United States then you should be implementing and national marketing campaign for your business website. If you only offer a local St George based service or product then you really only need to work on the local search results. For example, if you are a St George dentist or attorney then you do not need to optimize your website for the national searches.

The only SEO marketing that your dentist or law firm will need to do is local search results. 90% of our clients use our local search engine optimization service to rate their website to the top for local specific searches. We can help your local business gain maximum exposure and we can help your company out be the larger name brand companies like what we previously discussed.