To be honest there is almost an endless choice of website design companies that you can choose from nowadays. It’s not easy to compare one web designer from another and to see what their strengths and weaknesses are. Here at St. George web design we are your local website design experts with WordPress. Even if you know very little about WordPress website design keep in mind that we can build a professional and unique website for your business.

Your website truly is important to us, it’s the first impression that a potential customer will actually see about your business. If your website is outdated hard to function it doesn’t put a good image out there about your business. We make sure that all of our websites are mobile friendly and easy to navigate. Because there are so many different types of websites and ways to build a website it’s important that you choose a website design company carefully so that you get the very highest quality site possible.

You want to make sure that your website is 100% original and then it’s not copied from any other website in any way. Unfortunately we have seen many dental SEO websites that actually copy content from one website to another but the dentist never know because they don’t see the other websites just their own. It’s important that the quality and content is originally written in by the website design company or by you. If the content is spam me in any way or copied from another source please remember that this is against Google’s guidelines and that it will be very hard for your website to rank high.

It’s always good to ask your own self these questions, would you want to read your own content? If you would want to read your content and you think it’s engaging and shareable and if it’s unique and you’re good to go. Try not to make the content to promotional or two seals it because these are also bad signs for your business. Learn more tips by visiting this website.

Most website design companies are honest and good but just to make sure we want to make sure that the ownership once you have purchased the website comes down to you that you are the sole owner of the website and the domain in the content and images. For example if the website design company owns your own content and then you move to a different marketing company down the road than the first agency actually has the right to keep the content and so you have to redesign and rewrite the entire website from scratch.

It’s hard to tell how busy a website design company really is. It’s always important to know the deadline of the website and to communicate really well with the design company. There should always be a timeline when each part of the design process should be completed, keep track of how things are going and when things should be completed. A larger company might get things done faster because they have a lot more employees to work with them. A smaller company might not get things done as quickly but it’s a more personalized experience and it’s easier to get a hold of the most the time.

Let’s talk about website design pricing and how much it should be in ballpark figures. There are always going to be different pricing structures and payment plans by different design companies. Some charge for the number of hours that there actually working on your website and some charged by the number of pages that are needed while on the other hand some charged by project. We recommend choosing a company that charges by project so you know before hand what is going to cost you. Knowing the final price of the project is a better way to do business than finding someone hourly because you never know how many hours is going to take them to do your website. We recommend that for a starter website with WordPress that the pricing should not be higher than $3000. St. George web charges $2500 for a full functional WordPress mobile friendly website that is 100% custom. While there are some companies that charge $6000 for a starter website we really feel like this is overkill.

What does the website design company have as far as reputation goes? You want to make sure that they have proven and reliable case studies you can look at that they have real testimonials on their website and that you can actually call those testimonials and talk to the business owners and to see how they truly feel. Don’t just go by Google reviews or testimonials on a website but actually talk to the owners themselves and see what their impressions are of the website design company. With St. George web design, we have real life testimonials and you are free to get in contact with any of them any time to ask them any questions that you may have.


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No matter the size of your business we love to work with you, since 2007 we have been developing WordPress websites that are professionally built and 100% custom sites. We have content writers, as SEO marketers, blog developers and more. We hope that you found this information helpful and how to find your next website design company.

This post has been published by St George Web We are a Southern Utah Web Design and SEO Company. To learn more about our services please browse through our website or contact us to learn more about what we can do for your local business. Since 2007 we have been helping businesses like yours absolutely thrive online with our Web Design and SEO services. We look forward to hearing from you.