St George Web design and development tips:

  1. Choose a reliable hosting provider! Since 2007 we have been offering exceptional web hosting for our clients. Over the years we have really refined our process of which hosting providers we use. We offer a very unique hosting system that helps WordPress websites stay cleaner and safer with fewer bugs and issues. We have full website security and malware scanning built into everyone of our websites now! We haven’t had a single issue as of day since the beginning of 2016. We recommend staying away from large hosting companies like Bluehost because there can be an unlimited amount of issues associated with these companies. Do not work with them! We learned this lesson the hard way. In fact, all of our Web Design clients get our premium website hosting for only $15 per month! We take care of all of the plugin updates, WordPress updates and website security for just $15 per month!
  2. What else do you look for when developing a website with WordPress? What theme are you going to use? Since 2007 we have experimented with different WordPress themes in order to find the cleanest and easiest to use theme possible. Why does this matter for your business? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make minor website changes yourself once the site is fully developed instead of having us do every minor change for you every time? When we develop a website for your company you will also receive our training so that in the future when changes are needed you can easily implement those on your own without having to contact St George Web everytime.
  3. Choose a company that is located in your same city! If you are located in St George and are looking for a design company then we are the company for you. We are located in St George and can meet with you anytime of the week. It’s a lot easier meeting in person rather than communicating with a company that is located in another State or even outside of the U.S.A. We are local and we love working with local St George based companies.

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