You are probably aware of how social media has such a large impact over the World Wide Web like never before. There are many social media statistics that you can look at online please view this website to see what we are talking about. Did you know that every minute there are over 300,000 Twitter tweets that are sent every minute! Insta Graham is also very large with 50,000 photos being sent every single minute of every single day. YouTube has a record high of 300 hours of video uploads being uploaded to the website every single minute. Facebook is very large in fact one of the biggest out there and they actually have over 30 million posts that are being posted every single minute. So what does this have to do with social media marketing and how it can help your business grow on the web? Tweets posts videos uploads etc. etc. etc. spread like wildfire and can have a profound impact on your business.

Let’s go over how social media marketing can help your southern Utah business expand online. With social media people tend to trust what’s being posted more as compared to just an ad that they see online or something like branded content. It’s important that your readers and potential customers trust what is being posted on the web about your company and about other websites online. In addition, you can get a large outreach of traffic coming from different social media networks.

With social media marketing you can also target specific industries one at a time. People also want to learn about your products through content and images rather than just plain old advertising. These are some of the reasons why good content is were sharing and promoting and this is actually done by different influencers. If you have high quality content that is posted on your social media pages and as a very high chance that it’s going to be shared by your followers. This can have a profound impact upon your business as people start talking about your products or services.

Some of the best ways to do social media marketing are actually within the walls of your own business. You understands your business better than you? No one. We at St. George web take care of the website design development and the Internet marketing but we like our customers to do their own content marketing and social media outreach is within their company walls. Why do we have our customers do their own social media posts the reason is simple you understand your business better than us and you always will and it’s easy for you to jump online and do a quick post about what you’re working on for that day.

It’s important to have authentic contents that can be shared and they can open up conversations about your product. As you create unique content or offer a new product that might attract any sort of audience you can easily send them a link to your post and send this to your friends and family and watches how the marketing spreads throughout the web.

We recommend doing at least weekly social media updates about your company and about your services and products. This is a very important thing to do and it it also helps our Internet marketing and website design efforts. If you need to learn more about content marketing or social media marketing please visit our website at St. George web to learn more.

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