It’s unfortunate but true that many small businesses are burned by SEO and web design companies, all the time! We know this because we receive those calls from customers from time to time. We decided to publish a blog post regarding this issue about how you should find a good web design company for your St George based company.

So let’s go over some of the things we recommend that you do so that your small local business can find a good web developer. You don’t want to end up in a bad situation where your web developer or SCO company gave you a half finished or even a semi-functional website. We have heard this many times from our previous and past clients that they have been burned and ripped off from there web developer and SEO company. If you have invested a lot of money you really need to make sure that your web development company gives you full access to your website content to make updates and that you own the domain and the web hosting is in your own name as well. You don’t want to be stuck in a year-long or two-year long contract with the company just so that you can own your own website.

So let’s start with the very basics. Step number one is to make sure that you own your own content and that all of the content is 100% unique in that you have access to it. If the web development company went out of business or stopped working with you you need to make sure that all of the money you paid them or are currently paying them will go towards your website. Don’t get stuck with the company that puts and custom programming into their clients websites so that they are the only ones that can make changes to your site. We highly recommend that you hire a good quality and local web developer that is honest and has great reviews.

In addition to our previous paragraph you need to make sure that they are using an open source software that anyone can use, word press is a great example but there are other things like Drupal and magenta that are also open source software. In fact last month we had a terrible situation where one of our clients was being charged about 100 per month for their e-commerce website and suddenly that company decided to up their monthly rates and they are being charged about $650 per month. When you work with an e-commerce software company that’s all up to them on their pricing. With something like word press all you have to do is host the domain and build out your site with a really good custom theme.

Make sure that when you are developing a website you are looking at the long-term results and not just short-term. A $500 website might seem enticing at the beginning but in the end it’s really going to limit your company’s growth. You need to be able to expand your website as your company grows.

One of the most important steps is to make sure that you own your own domain name and that you have a good reliable web hosting provider. Do not allow any web development company to put themselves as the sole owners of your domain name, your domain name is yours and is not theirs. It’s up to you to control your domain and to control where the DNS records are actually pointing. In addition you need to make sure that your web hosting has enough storage capacity and memory requirements so that your site will stay up and running. A good web development company will use a quality hosting provider such as flywheel. We recommend this company as a matter of fact because of the ease-of-use with hosting website and keeping your word press website up and running hundred percent of the time with very few issues.

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