Let’s go over some of the top 2016 web design trends. This post is written by St. George web design.com and is written for your benefit. No matter what we are talking about in regards to design whether it’s clothing that you wear or if it’s something for your website it’s all a definite reflection of the area that we live in. Our culture really influences many parts of our lives. So what does culture have to do with website design? Well there are actually many reasons why they go hand-in-hand. The first one can be the content on your website. Not just the written content but how it’s laid out is a really big factor for the year of 2016. For example, large headlines and bullet points have been the norm for this year. It makes it easy for users to quickly find what they’re looking for. Having bold text and underlined words really has a definite part of it as well. Another thing that cannot be overlooked is responsiveness! Is your website mobile responsive? Since there are so many various platforms on the market nowadays whether it’s a laptop, desktop, or a smart phone like let’s say an iPhone it really plays to have a responsive website. You need your site to load on whatever device is being used. Not only will Google in the search engines appreciate it your customers will appreciate it too.

There has been so much evolution in the web world it is sometimes hard to keep up with it all. Another staple in this year’s design is a definite and resounding video marketing. The rise of video marketing has been tremendous. That goes beyond a funny YouTube video that goes viral. It’s easier for a customer to watch a quick video about your company than it is to read articles and blogs and content on a website. It’s easy to talk about your company in a professional manner that allows your future customers an easier way to make a qualified decision. On top of commercial videos we can also talk about how to videos which can certainly speed up the process if your business offer something of value in regards to how to videos. Many videos like to tell a story, this is a very important thing to do because having a really good quality story about your business can sell customers more than any other way. Visual content will always be more motivational than written content.

Another top way to have a professional and qualified website is to use HTML 5 videos rather than just a static background image. There are pros and cons to HTML 5 videos and let’s go over a few of those. The pros to a video for your background rather than just an image is it really does grab your audience attention much better than just a static image. It’s easier to tell a story with a video as your background rather than a static image. But the cons of HTML videos can be your website speed. Having a fast website that loads in under two seconds in our opinion is very critical to Google rankings. You do not want a slow website for Google SEO or for your users. If it takes five seconds or more to load website chances are they will get off your site and go to a different site right away. But there are some plug-ins that can help with your website speed and HTML 5 videos now if you are using Word press. Word press has so many features and plug-ins that can be implemented that is one of the reasons why we stick with the hundred percent of the time.

Many customers don’t want to have to jump around on hundreds of different pages on your website to try to find what they’re looking for. This is one reason why many word press themes are going for a one page theme design rather than a multipage layout. Having a one page theme does have his drawbacks but in our opinion has many more pros than cons.

Typography is also another thing that has become an industry standard. Any business should be and can be personally branded. You can have large text full of colors a beautiful logo that describes what you’re about in a very easy to view manner. Basically it has everything you need and it doesn’t have it anything that you don’t need. If you are trying to convey a simple but important message it is important to have a clean full functional website that doesn’t have too many bells and whistles or else you could be getting into trouble. Sometimes less is more. You can always slimmed down your company’s website and opt for simplicity and streamline designs rather than a complicated hard to use hard to navigate website.

Many of the 2016 website design trends have come up from previous years and honestly are just becoming more and more industry-standard. If you have noticed anymore web design trends that we should include in this post please feel free to contact us. At St. George web design.com we like to treat our customers right and whenever there are new additional fund features that we can implement our websites we definitely are going to use them.

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