Let’s go over some different tips on how we can improve our website design and website functionality. There are always going to be different ways to improve your creativity and ways to encourage users to share the information that’s on your website. Of course some of the basics are to have a good looking website that is easy to navigate and that is mobile friendly. If you have a quality website it can definitely spark creativity. If you are thinking about hiring a web developer please make sure that they have experience with website design. Website functionality is also extremely important. Let’s go over a few different ways that you can have a full functional word press and mobile friendly website.

Look outside your own website and see what others are doing and see what ways you can incorporate other designs into your own. There are hundreds of creative websites out there and it’s easy to find inspiration while you are browsing other competitor websites.

Color is also extremely important for many different reasons. Different colors say different things. There is even a color will and you can click here to view it. Depending on what you are selling and what you are offering you want to use certain colors with your website.

Fonts are also an extremely important method of website functionality. To have the same at 12 point fonts across your entire website is boring and does not attract readers in any way. We encourage you to use a web designer that knows which fonts to use that are professional and that also fits with your particular business.

Website backgrounds are also very important to use what you want to make sure that they don’t sell your websites be down too much. It’s definitely possible to optimize these images with a WordPress plug-in that helps them load faster. If your website is slow and has a five second or slower website speed loading time it can really harm your website rankings.

There are some web designers that also have Photoshop that can create just about any photo or image for your business. There are plenty of online resources regarding Photoshop and developing high-quality images for your business.

Another good source to improving your website and its functionality is to browse through the Internet. There are so many great examples on the Internet that you can search through. There are even websites that show web designers in the contest that they have actually one based upon their web design. We recommend looking at great review sites to see such examples.

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