If you are going to Google plus Facebook or Twitter you will see the hashtag symbol which basically looks like the #and they are turning up everywhere on tons of different social media posts.

The hashtag symbols actually created by twitter years ago and this was developed to help categorize all of the different posts. The hashtag is simply a way to identify what the specific post is about.

For our company we use hashtags such as #stgeorgewebdesign etc.

So what exactly is the point of offering and putting in hashtags into your social media posts? The benefit of using hashtag is that if you do something like hashtag web design and you click on the hashtag symbol then you will see all of the other related tags for that particular host.

We recommend our clients use a minimum of one hashtag per post but never used more than three hashtags. It can be spamming to offer and implement too many hashtags in your posts because it looks spamming. It’s always best to do what looks natural and therefore having a list of hashtags would not be the recommended option. Whether your listing on Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest it really doesn’t matter but just be careful not to overdo this good thing.

Many people that we talked to in many businesses sought that only twitter uses the hashtag number symbol. This is not true, as all of the major social media sites now implement this.

By having these symbols it’s now easy to find which topics you are searching for and it’s like the keyword Google search in a sense.