Google is by far the largest search engine in the world. They had a they have a lot of work and they have a lot of data and content to sort through. It is Google’s job to try and understand the facts of people, people places websites etc. they then have to sort through all of this in an attempt to understand and rank particular websites to the top. The Google knowledge graph was actually launched in 2012.

Google came out with the Google knowledge graph to determine what information overeater is actually trying to find. Google is incredibly smart search engine and they are only trying to improve it. The knowledge graph helps them figure out the actual intent of website searches.

Let’s give a few examples of that you can understand what the Google knowledge graph is all about. If you go to and type in something like St George Web Design, Google has realized that St George web design is actually basically the same search as web design in St George, Utah and other related searches e.t.c. it is Google’s job to sort through all of this information and provide the best user experience for all of the millions of viewers that use Google on a day-to-day basis.

Do not be scared about Google’s knowledge graph as it is only improving the search results in it was implemented by Google in 2012 provide even better search results. Google is planning on using the Google knowledge graph even more in the future and only improving it. We highly can graduate congratulates for providing such high quality content for its readers.