The moment we heard the shocking news we decided to write this article informing all of the companies that we work with why they should stick to WordPress and not moved to other third-party website development companies. We got a call a few weeks ago and this is what they said.

We have been with big commerce for a few years and all of a sudden they had decided to jump up there monthly rates based on the sales we are receiving! This company was only being charged about $200 per month for the full website hosting software with big commerce. All of a sudden this big commerce company decided to take a higher percentage rate of all of the sales and they were now forced to be sending about $800-$1000 per month to big commerce.

Whenever you have a website hosted and or built with a set company you will always rely upon them for their service. It is up to this company and in this example it was up to big commerce to decide to take a higher percentage rate of the sales that our client was receiving. In our opinion this is dishonest and should not happen at all.

If you’ve done a lot of search engine optimization and Internet marketing work the reward should be to the company and not to the hosting provider. Unfortunately for one of our clients that was not using WordPress they had to start spending around $800-$1000 per month which was paid out to big commerce on a monthly basis.

We have set up hundreds of times but we want to reemphasize way we recommend going with WordPress and WordPress only. WordPress is an open source software and they will never take a high percentage of your e-commerce sales. The only sales you received your website and the only deduction you will receive a certificate. Eight how typically takes out a 3% transaction fee on your sales. For the ease-of-use of using PayPal we highly recommend using WordPress combined with we do commerce combined with PayPal.

If your website is being charged more than $100 per month for your website hosting, domain hosting, e-commerce platform etc. please contact us and we’ll get this fixed for you. There is no reason why companies the dispenser much money on a month-to-month basis just to have their website hosted if you are selling a lot of products and making a high return on your investment and of the high yearly income you should not be forced to give any of this money away to your hosting provider.

St George Web sticks with WordPress for many different reasons but one of the main reasons obviously is that they do not take out percentages of your sales. We strongly believe that the money you earn should go into your pocket and not have to be taken out by all of these different transaction fees etc. Please learn more about our e-commerce website packages and what we offer for St George businesses by searching through our e-commerce services page. We develop e-commerce websites that typically load in under three seconds and they are always mobile responsive. We make sure that our websites have a fast and easy and secure payment gateway which ensure that your customers and your own website does not have any issues.

When you combine our e-commerce WordPress services with our hosting package you will make sure that your business does not get hacked into and will never be compromised. We do daily security scans and all of our websites which ensure that your website stays hacker proof and safe and secure for your own business and for your clients. We hope that this information is helped you learn by we recommend WordPress for all of our website development projects including our e-commerce websites.