This is a very important subject matter and we do not take this lightly in any way. Every day there are hundreds of website attacks especially against WordPress. Why do hackers target WordPress specifically? WordPress now is the number one platform in the world with over 24% of websites actually running on it. This is a very high number of websites that use word press and there are many benefits to it but with it come this one drawback. Website security and website hacks can be a real problem with WordPress.

Actually about two months ago our own websites were hacked into and a lot of malware was put into the different source files. This was a really big drawback for our company and it really hurt us a lot. We spent many hours researching word press website security and we were able to partner with another company that now takes care of 100% of our own sites and all of our clients websites. When you go with St. George web you will be getting free website security with daily malware scans.

What’s going to some of the details of word press and how website attacks happened and what you should be doing about it. This is of course an informational article only because if you are already using St. George web you will already know that your website is being protected 100% of the time from our daily malware scans.

Since word press has so many users it’s going to have more security attacks because of the different plug-ins, themes, WordPress updates and more. We do not recommend installing the cheaper free WordPress plug-ins because many of them only do a partial job. You really need to have proven plug-ins and proven website security that works hundred percent of the time.

Keep in mind that no matter what type of website platform you have there will be a security risk involved. WordPress is just unparalleled and they are attacked more frequently compared to other website building companies that are not free open source software. It really doesn’t matter what you do online or what you sell online all websites are targeted.

Some of the reasons that your website might be targeted is actually for SEO links, as you might know the more links you have pointing to your website the better. Sometimes hackers might try to put in certain codes into your pages or posts that will allow them to get hundreds of links pointing from your own website back to theirs or their clients. They have course typically post the links on pages that haven’t been updated in a long time because people rarely would check those pages or posts. It’s unfortunate that this happens but in today’s world you just have to know that websites are attacked and hacked into frequently. Of course this is why we recommend going with our St. George web design company because we do have extremely hard plug-ins themes and software that makes it hard for hackers to hack into the site. As we mentioned before sometimes an outdated WordPress theme or WordPress plug-in can target a hacker to look into your site to cause some problems. Without going into all of the details and all of the ways a website can be hacked into let’s go over some of the preventative WordPress security steps that you can take in order to decrease your risk of being hacked and to allow your website to stay up and running for the long run.

First thing we recommend is to keep your word press themes or theme up to date, check it monthly and make sure that you’re always using the latest version of your WordPress theme. A WordPress theme can be updated monthly yearly or even weekly by the developer.

The second thing we recommend is to make sure that your WordPress plug-ins are all up to date. Some WordPress websites only have two or three plug-ins while some larger let’s say e-commerce websites could have more than 50 plug-ins. You want to make sure that all of those are frequently updated because outdated plug-ins can be a real threat. If you are wanting to install free WordPress security plug-ins we recommend word fence because it regularly scans websites for any sort of security compromise.

If your website was hacked into which it won’t be one using St. George web latest hacker security but if it was you’ll need to contact your web host immediately and let them know because once a site is hacked into more and more problems will quickly develop. A quality web host should build to either clean up the files or to help you backup a previous version of your website. Once you backup your website then all you need to do is update word press the plug-ins and themes and your passwords and this should take care of the issue. If you have any more questions about WordPress security please send us an email or give us a call and we’d be glad to answer your questions.

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